About Us

UK Based Prototype and Low Volume Component Supplier

ISO9001:2015 registered experts ready to assist you in looking for prototype parts or supply of low volume plastic or metal parts, HBH are your one stop solution. We can take your CAD and get affordable, high quality parts manufactured quickly and correctly. If you are at the start of a project we are dedicated ...

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With access to a wide range of production processes, from the most modern additive manufacturing methods, to moulding via RIM, vacuum forming and vacuum casting, CNC machining, metal forming right through to injection moulding. With such a wide variety of technologies at our disposal we will always endevour to ...

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Our Team

The HBH team is based in the UK, Europe and Far East giving us access to a large number of qualified partner factories covering a wide range of services. The experts at HBH have years of experience with an indepth technical knowledge of materials, processes and methodologies. We are here to ensure the success of ...

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Email us with your project details or service request and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

If you wish to send CAD for quotation please send to [email protected]

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